About us

REGAL SILK™ is committed to providing luxurious silk products to our Guests. We use only the finest 6A Highest Grade 100% Natural Mulberry Silk for our products. Mulberry silk is among the most durable, yet luxurious textiles in the world thanks to its soft and smooth texture, exceptional breathability, natural hypoallergenic properties, and masterful beauty benefits that keep your hair and skin moisturized.

Our vision is to offer this 6A Highest Grade 100% Natural Mulberry Silk to our Guests around the world, allowing everyone the opportunity to feel like Royalty and enjoy spa or hotel quality goods in the comfort of their own home. Each product utilizes 100% Mulberry Silk that is created naturally from the cocoons of silkworms who are fed mulberry leaves to help facilitate the wondrous material only they can create.

Thanks to Silk’s natural strength, softness, and sophistication, it is easy to see why silk has been a sign of nobility dating back centuries. Thank you for your purchase, and we hope that our products allow you to live like the King or Queen you are!