The History of Silk

The History of Silk

Silk has been traded for thousands of years, beginning in ancient China with the silk trade. The first known written record of silk production was from Pliny, the Roman historian who wrote about producing the material. Over the years, the production and trade of silk have fluctuated, but its beautiful quality has not.

According to Chinese legend, the Goddess of Silk was Lady Xi Ling Shi, the wife of the mythical Emperor Huangdi. He ruled China in 3,000 B.C., during the first introduction of the silkworms and the invention of the loom needed to create the beautiful silk masterpieces. Lady Xi Ling Shi would discover silk and make it one of China’s most elaborate trade items and an adored material around the world.

While sipping tea under a mulberry tree, Lady Xi Ling Shi saw a cocoon fall into her cup. It began to unravel, and the Empress was enamored. The beautiful threads of the silkworm would create Mulberry silk threads, which would lead to the development of silk as a tradition among the royal family and the wealthy elite in China. For more than three thousand years, China would retain the silk monopoly and profit from its beautiful commodity. 

Over the years, silk has been traded along the infamous Silk Road, spanning from China to Europe. People worldwide began to use silk in a variety of ways: garments, fabrics, and scarves. Silk was even used as a currency during the Han dynasty, whose dignitaries were paid in silk for their salaries. Silk became a gift of diplomacy from the Chinese to their guests and a way of sharing luxuries and creating more revenue for their massive empire.

Soon, silk would begin to spread to other nations in Asia. Japan started silk farming and obtained the necessary silkworms in 300 A.D. One of the most popular garments, the kimono, is famously made from silk and other luxurious materials.

Today, silk is still a luxury item beloved by people worldwide. For many years, people have given and bought silk garments to share, wear, and gift to their friends and families. 

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